a sunday afternoon of many harps

On August 7 I performed with a group of harpists at Holiday Retirement in Palatine. The father of a dear friend just moved there, and we wanted to perform a special concert in honor of him. This group of harpists are friends of all ages – some are students I’ve taught, some are colleagues I’ve gone to school with.

We had a wonderful time playing some ensemble music together as well as each of us performing a solo. We finished the concert with some show and tell about how the harp works.

And answered the usual round of questions…..”how do you move it? how much does it cost? how long have you played”

with the usual round of answers….”carefully. quite a bit. since I was 14.”

The audience was charming, and gave us each a bouquet. What’s not to love about being a harpist on a Sunday afternoon?

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