on the best harp of 2011

Yes, it has been 2012 for thirteen days now, but I’m finally sitting down to write about, in my opinion, the best harp of 2011.

The event: Harpist Ann Hobson Pilot with the Chicago Sinfonietta in performance of the harp concerto written for her.

The music: On Willows and Birches

The composer: John Williams

The music was incredible, the performance captivating, and the experience accentuated by my personal interaction with Ann Hobson Pilot.  A few days before the concert I was privileged to meet with Ann Hobson Pilot and play for her. It was an incredible opportunity to work with an amazing musician who has her own dynamic style and who had such an impressive career with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Enjoy this short documentary about the music, the composer, and the harpist herself.

On Willows and Birches, John Williams, Ann Hobson Pilot

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