Spring has Sprung

It’s been a busy start of spring! At the end of March, I gave the “Harp Through History” event at the Ellwood House. Great venue, great musicians to play with, and great music to play. All combined for an incredible experience.

The piece we performed – “Introduction and Allegro” by Maurice Ravel – is one of those lifetime pieces. Meaning, I finished performing it and immediately wanted to play it again. You know those things in life that you finish and immediately want to do again? Like finishing the last chapter of an amazing book? Or at the end of the most amazing party with the most amazing friends? Or running a marathon? Just kidddddding on that one.

Seriously, though. One of the things I love about great music is that each time you play, you listen for newness. New moments never noticed before. A note or phrase to behold in a new way. An ensemble connection that was so subtly perfect it gives you shivers. Yep – this is why I love music.

(Outside the Ellwood House)



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