Une châtelaine en sa tour

As the snow has fallen this winter, the harp piece that has been playing in my head (and by my fingers) has been Une châtelaine en sa tour (A Lady in Her Tower) by Gabriel Fauré.

The piece was inspired by the poem of the same name from Paul Verlaine’s collection La bonne chanson. Fauré composed this piece during the war-torn years of 1917, 1918, yet, in contrast to the conflict around him, as well as his personal struggle with worsening deafness, in Une châtelaine en sa tour Fauré creates a calm and serene world where melodies soar and any harmonic tension quickly softens into tranquility. It is a beautifully evocative piece, and has drawn me further into Fauré’s life and world.








Gabriele Fauré




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